Saint-Gobain Weber DK

We care about people and their environment

Our market vision

At Weber, we believe that what matters most in the construction industry is
to care about people and their environment.

Our brand promises

For those who design,  for those who produce, for those who build, and for those who live in buildings

Caring for the safety and benefit of all. Making lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable.

We care for the well-being of people whether they use our products or live in the buildings made using our products

Caring about people. Listening to what matters to people and taking into account their needs. Helping everyone to grow. 

Responding to the multiplicity of challenges in today's world, and adapting to the diversity of the lives that populate it

We care about what matters to people

Caring about today. But also caring for the future. Taking responsibility to lead the change and build a tomorrow that is in harmony with its environment.

We care about our long-term responsibility